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We all love to see them and hear them but they can be messy and damaging to your property. Birds carry many diseases and cause thousands of dollars of damage to structures every year. They are arialistic meaning they return to there place of safty year after year meaning they make the same mess and damage the area more and more. But with our help we safley deter them from roosting and damaging your property. Our tactics work an all birds it is oderless, EPA approved, and harmless. We have a 5 year guearenty to keep our feathered friends in the trees where they should be not your rafters and eves. 

used on:


Airport hangers
Semi-enclosed docks
Grain storage & manufacturing facilities
Parking facilities
Power plants & factories
Golf courses
Parks, lawns
Crops, trees, shrubs


Price for service is $25 per area of application.

Bird Removal